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This month we continue the work we’ve begun since February, releasing both new singles from our stable of CBR artists in addition to unleashing records old and new for our loyal subscribers to the Circuit Breaker Record Club. (Not a subscriber? What are you waiting for? Click that robot!!)

First up is the latest from our old friend Witchcatcher, with a nice drony tune entitled, “3rd Opus in Yr Mao.” It was first conceived between WC’s tenure in both Textbook Copilot and Short Term Memes, and features members of Soviet Onion on bass and drums.

a0140597067_2-2For the B-side, we paired it up with “Heavy Breathing,” a tune from the latest release for our Record Club, the definitive Gifthorse live record, Diamonds in the Trough: Live 1998-2001 (fun CBR trivia: this song is actually a cover of an Infinite Transmissions Project song from their first record, should you want to compare.) Subscribe today and grab the whole record, plus all of the other fine material we’ve made available. photo-27

Finally, we’re proud to announce that CBR’s West Coast HQ has relocated to a new location, high up in the mountains near Topanga Canyon. Check out a view from the new office!

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Over here at CBR HQ, we believe.

We believe in the USA Men’s National team down in Brazil right now (though we have realistic expectations for the upcoming rounds).

We believe in the power of suggestion. Wait- have you signed up for the Circuit Breaker Record Club yet? If not, why not? Click here!

Finally, we believe in Circuit Breaker Records, and in the power of music to change lives daily.photo-25 Further, we believe in the people that help us make this label possible, and today we’re featuring one long-time contributor with this week’s single. Sam Margolis has contributed to nearly every Song Club we’ve hosted and he’s back again with his version of “Always Thought.”

You can grab a hold of this song and all of the other versions of “Always Thought” by subscribing to the Record Club; you’ll be able to grab the Always Thought EP and the reissued Exploding Hearts (In June) EP from Hallelujah Boy & the Killowatt Kids, which we’re also previewing this week with our B-side, “Whatever it Takes.”

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The Kids are back in town!

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Aw yeah! Summer is here (hear?) and there are no Bananarama covers to be found in this post (although we highly recommend the one by the unsinkable Superchunk)! Instead we’ve got the lead track from Exploding Hearts in June. The EP, a collaboration between Hallelujah Boy and the elusive and illustrious Killowatt Kids is filled to the brim, full of pop hits. The crack rhythm section of the Kids combine to make one of the Poppier with a capital “P” for Perfection releases in the mighty Hallelujah Boy canon. Dig!

Accompanying our exploding hearts (in June) is another tuneful ditty connected to summer. We’ve got Ghost Creator Now, from last year’s Song Club, Round 2. Summer Trash offers up their version, a dirty little garage rocker that will get your head nodding and fist in the air. Dug!

Manitowoc Rises!

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May’s very nearly come and gone, and it’s about time that we make something new available to our loyal members of the Circuit Breaker Record Club. Today we revisit our latest and arguably second greatest Song Club, where 5 different artists provided their own unique take on the song title, “Always Thought.” flying

Today for this week’s single we’re featuring the latest version of that title, by the newest act to contribute to our fledgling cause, L.A.’s own Manitowoc. Featuring members of Hallelujah Boy and one-time Song Club contributor Socialist Salesman, this brand new project is currently gathering songs for their first EP (and seeking a bass player). For the B-side, we selected another fine tune from our latest Record Club release, the Infinite Transmissions Project’s Thirteen Voices Throne. Click here to join up and grab your very own copy of the record (and so much more!)

You know something I always thought? That we’d get more subscribers to our Circuit Breaker Record Club? In the words of Jean-Luc, “Make it so.” Click here. Or here. Or over there on the robot.

textbookcopilot gives back!

Textbookcopilot, arrivals and departures, circuit breaker recordsIt was a week of recovery here in Boston as the city turned out to reclaim the marathon. We received a call from textbookcopilot who wanted to make us aware of what they are doing to support the recovery too.  So this week we’re passing the release reigns to the lads. Here’s what’s TCP is up to, in their own words;

“Usually as a songwriter I (Dom) focus my words on my problems, losses, and life, but last year I wrote a song for textbookcopilot’s new record that was a bit different. Last year, by pure circumstance, I was on Newbury Street right as the bombs went off at the marathon. Stupidly, I ran towards the bombs and witnessed the carnage and sadness that struck so many people that day. It profoundly affected me! I went home and penned most of the lyrics that would become the song “Chicago All Saints Hospital.” The song is an emotional rant that, for me, captures a lot of what I felt in those initial moments after seeing the horror that was marathon day. So that we as a band can give something back, 100% of all purchase of this song or any others from our new record Arrivals//Departures will be donated for the next 2 weeks to http://www.teammr8.org/.”

Sundaymorningmusic, circuit breaker records, indie rockThank you Dom! We decided to pair this week’s release with another one of Dom’s projects, Sunday Morning Music. We’ve got some pure pop perfection with “Unwhined” from the eponymous release from earlier this year. And if you think two projects is enough to keep Dom busy, that’s where you are wrong! He’s gigging with his new side project Healey Ma at Church next Thursday. Check out the details here.