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A supergroup can either be an unwieldy collection of barely compatible musicians struggling to check their egos and play together for 3-4 minutes or it can be, well, super. Here at Circuit Breaker Records, the only supergroup any of us have ever been a part of is the Infinite Transmissions Project (ITP). Click here for a primer in case you don’t know.

Today we’re proud to unearth the final record from the project, Thirteen Voices Throne, now available exclusively to our Circuit Breaker Record Club subscribers (click here to subscribe!) photo-23The record was conceived in 2006 shortly after the triumphant double release of two records, Second Hand Rubbish and Deflate the Stars in 2005. At that time, the ITP was riding high and at its most productive, but then over the course of the recording of this final record, the mighty ITP finally began to run out of steam. BUT they went down swinging, creating a soaring final collection of songs that illustrates the power and beauty of the true collaboration that was the ITP.

In honor of today’s release, we’re offering up today a new recording of one of the record’s finest tracks, “More about Jane Shadow.” Hallelujah Boy and Witchcatcher put together this new version for our A-side, and we used the original here as our B-side.

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CBR 2.0: We still love singles

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First off, a huge thanks to everyone who’s signed up for the new subscription service. You all are gentlemen/women amongst thieves, truly. Click on the robot logo on the right over there if you haven’t already and find out what the fuss is all about!

Now on to today’s business: a new single! For the coming year, Circuit Breaker Records is going to be focusing more on releasing EPs and LPs from our artists, but, hey, we still love singles too. This week we’re proud to bring you the debut single from Slow Arson (feat. members from friends of the label Summer Trash, Hot Vodka and Soviet Onion), called “Beat Local.” Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 5.26.49 AMIt’s from their forthcoming EP, Fast Fires, and we’ve paired it together with a oldie by the Infinite Transmissions Project, “Secret’s Safe.”

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Today we are proud to announce a new chapter in the Circuit Breaker Records story. After spending the last year setting (and reaching!) the insane goal of releasing a new single for 52 weeks straight, we’ve been contemplating where to take things next.

Recently, we’ve hooked up with the good people at Bundio.com to develop and offer an exclusive subscription service to all of our loyal fans and followers. Click on any of the robots you see (or right here) to learn all about the Circuit Breaker Record Club. For an amazingly nominal price, you’ll gain instant access to all of our releases going forward, plus some surprises, only available to our subscribers.

First up, we’re offering one exclusive release for joining: Witchcatcher’s first proper full-length release, bewitchcatchered. We’ll also be sending the first 50 subscribers to the Record Club something special to say thanks for being an early adopter.

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Rock siege: commence!

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It’s February 28th, twentycircuit breaker records, soviet onion one years to the day since the ATF tried to serve David Koresh at the Branch Davidian HQ in Waco Texas. The siege would last over 90 days and would grow to include the FBI and the oxymoronically named Texas National Guard. We’re recognizing this day with an offering from one of our own collection of separatists, Soviet Onion. Back with their second song in as many months, “Asphalt Angels” last just under 3 minutes but you may feel a little under siege yourself after listening. Under siege of rock, that is. And as February winds to an end, we’ve got a timely tune for the Year of the Horse. Gifthorse is back with February, a vintage tune that was re-recorded intercontinentally by 3/4ths of the band this time last year. And whether you are in a winter slumber or terrified by all of the snow, this song will give you a reason to like February, even if it’s just because it’s over.

Distract Me Winter Games

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textbook copilot, arrivals//departures, north pole no. 1 is down, circuit breaker records

As the Winter Games come to a close in Sochi, we’ve got another tune worthy of the medal podium (but not quite the metal podium). The boys from Textbook Copilot are back with the second single from their recently released ep Arrivals//Departures. There’s no sophomore slump here and these guys aren’t settling for silver either, nahmean? For those in the New England area, don’t miss Textbook Copilot live at O’Briens on Wednesday, February 26th. You’ll hear this rocker and a whole lot more.

infinite transmissions project, circuit breaker records

But wait, there’s more sports fans. Infinite Transmissions Project keeps hope alive with this gem off 2005′s Deflate the Stars. The hallmark’s of ITP are all on display: the drum machine, double vocals, clever lyrics and sonic subtleties seep out of this one. “Don’t Count Me” is the perfect soundtrack for jilted lovers, challenged athletes and anyone who won’t give up. That’s right, “we’re winners here, prepare the wine, dying (dyeing) to disappear”