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Spring is here again, and we’ve all got an acute case of March Madness here at CBR. If you’re in Vegas this weekend, look for several Circuit Breaker Records associates over by the sportsbook, secretly wishing they could be betting on UVA. (Congrats to our buddy and soon-to-not-be-a-bachelor Denton, aka Fast Friends!)

Maybe you also fancy a wager from time to time, but mister let me tell you’ve found a sure thing when you sign up for the Circuit Breaker Record Club. This month we’re releasing to our loyal members the towering 2003 classic debut album from Charlottesville’s Vevlo Eel, entitled The Sound of a Thousand Chryslers Rusting. Featuring hits like “Soy Bomb” and “Home by Ten,” this record nicely captures the raw energy of a super tight power trio at its peak, and it’s yours with just one measly click (well, maybe a couple clicks to finish the whole subscription process).

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For a preview, why not give “Best We Got” a spin (above)? We’ve paired this month’s A-side with another tune from the record, “Payday.” Ok, maybe we are a little desperate for you to subscribe to our Record Club. Did I mention the Record Club?

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Equine Endowment

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gifthorse, circuit breaker records

Gifthorse live shot at the legendary Tokyo Rose, circa 2000

It may be the year of the Goat/Sheep now that the Chinese New Year has passed but it’s always the year of the Horse here at Circuit Breaker Records. The year of Gifthorse, that is.

This month we’ve got not one but two timeless Gifthorse singles. The first, National Treasure originally appeared on the first ever Gifthorse (and Circuit Breaker Records) release, “&“. The song begins delicately with a salute to change and continues with meterological references of dropping mercury, local radar and fairer weather. A contrast to some of the other more straightforward and raucous Gifthorse material from this era, this love song is harbinger of some of the more developed music to come in later days.

gifthorse, circuit breaker recordsOur B-Side this weeks comes is a good example of the latter era of the Horse. “Reach Through”, the venerable third track from the final Gifthorse record, “Rest on Your Laurels”  was recorded at David Lowery’s Sound of Music. Here we find the horse playing with song structure and growing lyrically. For example, as a nod to what is to come,  “crystal ball sees, forsee walking away form projects, decrees”. It sounds like the Horse knew the end was nigh, or was it neigh.

We have some good news for Gifthorse fans however. Rumors are swirling about a second 3/4 Horse reunion recently in Los Angeles. All signs are pointing to a new release in 2015. Stay tuned, Beezlebub, our witness!

Another time around

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Dearest listeners: I’ll be brief. Thanks as always for listening. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

Manitowoc rounds out 2014 with a brand new single today, a rousing anthem called “One by One.” Apologies to Nabakov- not sure if they’re talking about your titular character or not. (Maybe the name just fit really well phonetically!)

We’ve been putting our heads together and making lists of potential CBR releases for 2015, and let me tell you that we’ve got big plans in store for you! Look for a reboot of our popular Song Club plus new releases from Witchcatcher, Hallelujah Boy, Manitowoc and The Royal Me. A reunited Gifthorse has also been recording new material, which is particularly exciting for everyone at both CBR HQs. Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list (over there on the right) to keep up with the latest news and releases next year!

Speaking of signing up, make sure you subscribe to our Circuit Breaker Record Club, which has made a new exclusive release available today, a reissue of one of the finest unreleased Hallelujah Boy records, The Fountain of Youth. Showcasing a mostly acoustic sounds throughout, this record fits right along thoughts that come up this time of year, pondering another year ending and our inevitable march towards uncertain futures. We’ve got one of the record’s strongest tunes, “In the Sea,” here as our B-Side for the month.

Happy New Year!


Raise a Glass

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For most of us, this time of year is about giving thanks, celebrating holidays with loved ones, and appreciating all that makes our lives worthwhile. At Circuit Breaker Records, we plan to do all of this and more, plus we also have our own special something to celebrate: the nuptials of our co-founder, Witchcatcher aka Spider E. Graveyard aka Ford Englander.


We raise a glass (ok, many many glasses) to you and your lovely bride, and, to keep the good times rolling, we also proudly revisit one of our favorite Witchcatcher jams from his debut record, Bewitchcatchered. For us it truly does all comes down to “Beaumont.”

For our B-side, we’ve got the leadoff track from our latest release to the Circuit Breaker Record Club, Hallelujah Boy’s Singles 2013. a4066622754_2Featured last year as part of our Song Club, “Because I Said So” is one of 11 newly remastered singles that can be yours when you subscribe to our Record Club.


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Returning to zero

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Back in May, Manitowoc, one of the newest acts to join the Circuit Breaker Records fold, debuted their first single, “Always Thought.” Now, after months of work developing a sound and writing a cadre of songs, the band is making their live debut this weekend in Los Angeles. Tower2


To celebrate, we proudly present a brand new single from the band entitled “Follow Shapes.” Check out the slight surf-rock influences peppered throughout (especially Joel Stites’ jaunty organ line), all bolstered by a tight, yet rollicking vibe provided by the rhythm section of bassist Erik Neldner and drummer Lou Paniccia.


Our b-side today comes from the latest archival release we’re making available to our subscribers to the Circuit Breaker Record Club. The tune is “Out of the Window,” from the Infinite Transmissions Project‘s second record, Return to Zero. Having listened to several of Manitowoc’s unreleased recordings and demos, we know they have a little bit of a Strokes influence, and the idea lyrically for “Out of the Window” came out of a story about the Strokes throwing a demo tape on stage at a Guided by Voices show years and years ago.


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Subscribe today to the Circuit Breaker Record Club to get Return to Zero and many other CBR releases, and look for the debut EP from Manitowoc in the next couple months. Finally come out to see Manitowoc live this Sunday, October 19th, at the 3rd Annual Heyler Harvest Fest in West Los Angeles.


For those of you in Boston who caught the double dip of Circuit Breaker Records artists at O’Briens, you are probably wondering where you can hear some of those new textbookcopilot songs. Want no more (sort of). Check our their indiegogo campaign to record with rock legend J Robbins! We can’t wait to hear that record!